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GTK+ convers client for amateur radio

Xconvers is a client for the amateur radio convers system (port 3600), which resembles IRC. Servers are connected over the internet or by packet-radio. In a split-screen xconvers session you can type text into the bottom line. The reply from the server can be seen in the top screen.

The current version features: color support for 10 different users , history for the connect dialog and the transmit window and optional saving of the session to a logfile. You can change the font and color of the received text and change the background color or set a pixmap. Colors and font can be seen in a preview window, before applying it to the receive window. It is possible to automatically login to a convers server, by entering a default name and channel and sending commands after you login.

[ version 0.8 screenshot ]
xconvers 0.8 with language support. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Future developments of xconvers will be hosted at http://people.debian.org/~pa3aba/xconvers.html

July 27, 2001: Version 0.8 has arrived.
  • Non-blocking hostname lookup and connect has been added.
  • A progress bar was added which is activated while connecting.
  • More small bugfixes.
  • Size and position of the main window can now be saved.
July 16, 2001: Version 0.7.4.
  • Fix a bug which would crash xconvers when receiving long lines.
  • Transparent icons.
  • Minor cleanups and fixes.
June 26, 2001: Version 0.7.2.
  • Fixed a bug that would not correctly close a connection when logging out.
  • Added a connection setup timeout handler. Set to 90 seconds.
  • Socket options now set to SO_KEEPALIVE. This is explained in the docs.
June 7, 2001: Version 0.7.1.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash xconvers with rarely formatted help texts.
  • Fixed saving and recalling of the history for the send widget.
  • Html documentation has been moved to a seperate package called xconvers-doc.
May 1, 2001: Version 0.7.
  • All colors are configurable and can been seen in a preview window before you apply them.
  • Use your favourite pixmap to set the background of xconvers.
  • This release also adds a 'commands' entry to autologin. Any convers command entered here will be sent to the server after you login.
  • Language support is added. Only dutch language is supported for now.
April 18, 2001: Version 0.6.1.
  • Fixes a bug in the preferences dialog.
  • Fixes a bug in the history handling.
March 17, 2001: Version 0.6 is released. Download here.
  • Font and background color of the main window can be set.
  • Automatic login added.
  • Menu, scrollbar end statusbar can be enable and disabled.
December 23, 2000: Slackware and debian packages!
  • Arno, PE1ICQ is making slackware packages available. You can get them at sharon.pi8zaa.ampr.org.
  • Debian (woody) packages have been build by me. Available at debian xconvers page.
  • Let me know if you can build rpm packages. I will link them here.
December 16, 2000: Xconvers 0.5 is here. This is the first stable release. Go to the projects page to download.
  • A major rewrite closes all known bugs.
  • History added to the connect dialog (comboboxes for hostname and port-entry).
  • History added to the transmit window (up/down arrow).
  • Auto save/recall of history to ~/.xconvers/history.
  • About dialog cleaned up.
November 6, 2000: Xconvers 0.5-beta1 released! Download by clicking on this link.
  • Logging enabled to ~/.xconvers/hostname.log.
  • Logging can be turned on/off from the preferences menu.
  • Settings will be saved automatically and recalled the next time you start xconvers.
  • Scrolling of the receive window works with PgUp/PgDn keys.
July 23, 2000: Xconvers 0.5-alpha2 released with color support. Download here
  • Color support added. Every user gets assigned a different color, up to a maximum of 10 colors.
  • Resizing and displaying of the different dialogs and windows works better now.
June 28, 2000: First xconvers announcement on freshmeat.
June 26, 2000: First alpha release can be downloaded at download.sourceforge.net.
  • Basic version with only 2 colors for transmit and receive.
  • One line transmit and mutiple line receive window.
  • Seperate dialogs for connect and disconnect.
Other things available here: The last available Motif/Lesstif version and the xconvers project page (Contact Information, Bug Tracking, Online Forum).

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